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      Promotions                    June 2018 Coupons

     Promotion Rules

  • Print Web page using browser print function.
  • Complete Page Printout must be presented when you drop off your computer for repair.
  • .
  • Coupon can be presented after quote is given, but before leaving store.
  • .
  • Cannot be used in connection with any other discounts.
  • Does not apply to diagnostics charge if computer is not repaired.
  • Parts and service discounts do not apply to Pre-Quoted Computers or Upgrades.
  • Parts and service discounts will be given for Upgrades done during repair.
  • Refurbished Computer Discounts do not apply to Factory refurbished computers.
  • In shop service Only.
  • Unless specified in writing during sale Refurbished Computers are AS IS NO Warranty.
  • Some Factory Refurbished computers have a Factory warranty, that warranty is through the Factory, we will provide info as required.
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  • We will make every effort to keep your XP system functional.  We cannot guarantee any software updates to be available.
  • Most software companies are not providing support or downloads for XP OS.
  • Be aware that service charges for cleaning a XP machine infestation, will be higher then other OS's.